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"The Fame Monster was ‘too dark'… And then I put out Born This Way and I was 'so gay’. And now I put out ARTPOP and it’s ‘too artsy’. I wanna be remembered for all those things, for how uncomfortable I made the world.” 
"If you’ve been in the world of Twitter, you know that many fans of pop music has been unkind when it comes to the album supposed low performance, ‘ARTPOP.’ Sales of physical CD may have been low, but the numbers show that people are still running for tickets to see the singer of “G.U.Y.” present. So much so that all dates of the North American leg of the tour had 100% of tickets sold.
To put that in perspective, Gaga earned 35 million dollars in the first 14 shows of her new tour. Wow! We’re not surprised, Gaga is amazing live. In terms of their tour in Australia in August, Gaga recently added more dates, which is a great sign."
Take 40" about the "Lady Gaga’s artFLOP: The FLOP Ball.” (via ladygagamagazine)